With the economic impact of weeds estimated to be over $4.8 billion each year in Australia, it is critical that spray applicators, farmers and environmental land managers are properly equipped to use all registered crop protection products safely and responsibly.

The application of crop protection products, whether from a ground boom sprayer, knapsack or aerial platform, needs to be properly planned and carefully executed to minimise the risk of off-target chemical movement. The most common cause of off-target movement is spray drift.

Meaningful change in agricultural practice has been shown to result in improvements in on-target application efficiency and reduce the risk of pesticide drift occurring. Management and minimisation of offtarget spray drift is, however, complex.

Spray applicators and farmers must have access to the support and resources required for efficient spray application and effective spray drift management. That’s why CropLife Australia and the Australian Groundsprayers Association have worked together to develop SprayBest.

We encourage all crop protection product users to adopt these best practice measures.

Download SprayBest.