Pests, weeds and diseases continue to be major threats to the productivity, profitability and sustainability of Australia’s farming sector. To ensure the longevity and viability of agricultural chemical products, appropriate strategies to minimise resistance must be implemented.

CropLife Australia’s resistance management strategies for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides assist farmers, agronomists and environmental land managers to ensure important crop protection products remain viable and effective tools.

The strategies are developed as part of CropLife and our members’ commitment to make the most up-to-date resistance management advice freely available. They are reviewed and updated on an annual basis by scientific technical review committees in consultation with relevant national and international experts. Importantly, the resistance management strategies do not replace product labels, they simply supplement them.

Crop protection products must be handled and applied as specified on the registered product label or approved permit. Through these comprehensive product stewardship initiatives and programs, crop protection product users have all the information they need on preventing pesticide resistance and using products safely and correctly.

Having an integrated pest management system and an effective resistance management strategy for chemical crop protection products is crucial to the long-term viability and profitability of Australian farming.